Standard Group creates digital visitor booking system


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Standard Group has developed a digital visitor booking management system that is set to redefine how businesses handle guest interactions.

The system aims to simplify and standardise the process of receiving and hosting visitors while ensuring data privacy.

According to the media company, The Visitor Booking Management System represents a significant shift in guest management practices, “by leveraging technology and prioritizing efficiency, businesses can elevate the guest experience while enhancing security protocols”.

The system offers a streamlined and uniform approach to managing guests, eliminating the chaos of outdated spreadsheets and manual data entry.

This innovation comes at a time when security and data protection is at a high risk of breach. With the recent cases of brutal murders in short-stay-rental accommodation in residences. Service providers like in this niche can make use of this innovation to track its customers and keep relevant data.

Suspects have escaped without a trace as there’s no way of tracking them, due to the unavailability of credible booking systems.

Standard Group Business Systems Analyst William Onchuru said the system will be a game-changer in enhancing guest management and accountability. 

“This system seeks to address the gaps and pain-points that come along with manual handling of visitor records.

“Guest management has never been this seamless and we are confident that our solution is going to be the answer to the challenges posed in the industry,” Mr Onchuru said.

In addition, he said, the system is easy to use, flexible and can be customised to fit any environment.

Further, everything within the guest booking interface is neatly organised within a digital framework, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

“With the advancement in technology the world over, the platform is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, provided there’s an internet connection,” said Onchuru.

“Whether users are in the office, in transit, or working remotely, accessing the system is effortless.”

With the introduction of the digital visitor log, traditional bookings and logbooks may become obsolete as the system provides real-time insights and accessibility of visitor records.

“Security management is seamlessly integrated, empowering security teams to monitor entries and exits directly from the system. With real-time updates, this maintains a safe environment.”

Hosts can also order refreshments for visitors through the system, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, the booking system comes with automated email notifications, keeping all relevant parties informed.

“This system provides data for organisations, as businesses gain valuable insights through comprehensive reports and analytics,” said Onchuru.

“From foot traffic patterns to visitor demographics, businesses can optimise their operations and enhance the overall guest experience.

“As industries adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing world, solutions like these pave the way for a more connected and streamlined future.”

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