Africa: US Morality, Democracy and Good Governance a Mere Smokescreen Foible

It does not cease to amaze me how United States and its allies try to convince African men that it is wrong to marry more than one wife but right to marry another man. I can’t dig it!

I am wondering how this triviality has really become an issue that requires forcing governments to respect same sex marriages and relationships or have financial aide withdrawn, given that Africa has more serious issues to attend to than LGBTQ.

If LGBTQ is an issue in US, it is certainly not a pressing issue in many African countries and the progressive world.

While marrying two wives or more is a tradition that, due to changing times, is fast dying, it cannot be replaced by men marrying men or women marrying women. NO!

How do we advance humanity and how do we create the next generation when men marry men and women marry women?

Where does procreation end? In the final analysis, why should we make this an issue? Why not ignore trivia?

Why not ask Africans what they need to search for?

For many years, the US has tried to package itself to the world as an oasis of democracy, good governance, accountability and human rights but the world now knows that all these are a smokescreen behind which Washington hides its manoeuvres to brutally access natural resources from other countries.

Behind this wrap or cocktail of high-sounding- nothings, the US is very aggressive in pursuing its access to natural resources of smaller nations and pocketing them.

The US uses a coterie of structured regime change agents, sold to the world as pro-democracy civil society organisations and or NGOs, to topple governments it feels are an impediment to its access to natural resources.

Never be fooled by this high-fling language about democracy etc because the US itself is very undemocratic and forever imposing its ideologies on other nations.

For example, trying to force LGBTQ to African countries is nothing but nonsense. Africa has more serious issues to deal with than concentrate on same sex marriages.

But the US puts a lot of pressure around LGBTQ to countries that have other more pressing needs, like fixing hunger, infrastructure development, disease and others.

Honestly, making Africa and the developing world concentrate of LGBTQ and even tying aide to it is too cruel, dictatorial and far-fetched and the US should reconsider our needs assessment.

Why should it be forced down the throat of African countries?

There is a very big problem when democracy is defined in the eyes of one country, when national agendas of small countries are defined and imposed by the US.

When you talk of corruption, of late, especially under Joe Biden, the US has become more corrupt and politically unpalatable.

We all know how Hunter Biden has had many corrupt dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere using his proximity to power.

We all know how investigations have shown how Biden’s family and close associates have used proximity to his power to access corrupt deals.

We also know how Biden and his close associates have abused State trinkets to deal with political opponents.

Look at how Biden and his associates have tried to throttle presidential aspirant Donald Trump.

The Biden administration has abused every state structure to close out Trump from the 2024 elections.

The way the Biden administration does it is so barbaric that the US has lost its moral standing and can no longer lecture to other nations about political democracy and holding elections.

The US has invested billions of dollars in wars that have killed millions of people away from its soil. That interference with the politics of other nations have seen US capture President Zelenskyy of Ukraine and make it their puppet.

The US does not like Russia and China and all progressive thinking countries in the world.

It will do anything to destabilise Russia and China.

It will do anything to punish all countries that side with China and Russia.

But China and Russia are gaining ground in Africa while the US is losing ground. The reason is very simple.

The US uses big brother mentality, brazen bully tactics, regime change and sanctions to cow its opponents.

Where the US uses chicanery Russia and China discuss and negotiate win-win deals.

Everyone in the world has now discovered the US as a country of great deception, a big-brother tout, a bully who is quick to deploy its killing machine in many countries, a country that grabs natural resources and an intolerant state, that does not accept a different ideology.

Zimbabwe for example will not be forgiven for its land reform and for its Look East Policy, where Russia and China have become vital cogs in its development trajectory.

The US would have loved a Zimbabwe where minority whites continued holding vast tracks of land at the expense of the majority black people.

When Zimbabwe took back its land and redistributed it, the US was so angry and decided to punish the small nation with a buffet of sanctions.

The US started using the same high soundings, accusing the ZANU PF government of lacking democracy and accountability, and, of failing to respect human rights etc.