Africa: AUC Chairperson Raises Alarm About African Conflict Hotbeds

Ethiopia proposes Amharic as new AUC working Language

– Chairperson of the African Union Commission(AUC) Moussa Faki Mahamat has urged leaders of conflict-ridden countries to strive for the peaceful resolution of conflicts for the sake of their people’s wellbeing.

In his opening remark at the 44th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union yesterday,the Chairperson stated that repercussions of the geopolitical fact reach the Continent Africa which unfortunately, is also facing serious situations of armed conflicts.

Sudan is in flames and in incredible devastation, Somalia is still under the Jihadist threat, the Democratic Republic Congo, Libya, divided and constantly exposed to instability meanwhile the Sahel is always exposed to the terrorist danger.

Moreover, the resurgence of military coups, pre- and post-electoral violence, and humanitarian crises linked to war and/or the effects of Climate Change are all very serious sources of concern for Africa. These issues seriously threaten to obliterate the signs of the emergence of Africa, of which its people are proud,Mahamat emphasized.

The Chairperson further noted that during the first decade of the AU Agenda 2063, which has already been concluded in 2023, the Union had been working on institutional reforms, strengthening and establishing specialized agencies, and enduring financial administration including budgetary management system.

He is also expected to report the annual performance of the AUC in facilitating the African Free Trade Area-AfCTAtothe Executive Council.

The recently appointed Ethiopian Foreign Minister Taye Atskeselassiein his opening remark said that Amharic, having many millions of speakers, should be adopted as AU’s official language. “The adoption of Amharic as AU official language will strengthen the collective identity of AU member states.”

The Minister also expressed Ethiopia’s commitment to contribute its ultimate effort to make the AU’s vision real. “Ethiopia has been registering remarkable achievements in the educational sector which the AU is also working for.”

The Ordinary Session of the Executive Council is expected to adopt the agenda that will be referred to the leaders’ summit, The Ethiopian Herald learned.


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