Africa: AU Summit Ends With Action Plans, Renewed Calls for Unity to Tackle Challenges

Addis Ababa, — The 37th African Union (AU) Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Governments concluded this morning with a strong commitment to address the continent’s challenges, prioritize key areas, and solidify international diplomacy.

Leaders of AU member countries, representatives of international organizations, and numerous other invited guests attended the 37th African Union summit, which was held at the organization’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the past two days.

The leaders have discussed a range of continental topics, such as peace and security, AU’s reform initiatives, quality and accessibility of education, and the implementation of Agenda 2063’s first phase ten-year plan.

The second phase of the ten-year Agenda 2063 plan has also been adopted by the summit.

The summit, capped by a night of closed-door discussions, emphasized the need for united action to navigate pressing issues and secure a brighter future for Africa.

Speaking at the closing session, Mauritanian President and the new AU Chairperson Mohamed Ould Ghazouani highlighted key takeaways from the first decade of Agenda 2063, the continental development roadmap, and expressed readiness to launch its second phase.

The chairperson pointed out education, with a focus on high-quality, 21st-century training, as a top priority under the year’s theme.

Emphasizing peace and security, Ghazouani pledged renewed efforts to resolve conflicts across the continent.