Soon after candidate Uhuru Kenyatta picked William Samoei Ruto as his running mate, a good number of Kenyans lamented that his choice was a bad one and will not end well. I penned that Kenyatta will one day rue the day he picked him as the running mate; I believed it to be an indelible error that he will live to regret. At the time it was done out of convenience and frankly desperation of the two men facing serious jail time at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague for crimes against humanity.  Kenyatta and Ruto created a public perception that the once warring Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities had reconciled their 2007/2008 Post Election Violence (PEV) differences and were now united. Of course, it was a facade, a charade connived for political expedience, any so-called unity was superficial and no differences had been resolved much less reconciled.  Nobody had been charged with the murders and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Kenyans in Rift Valley and elsewhere. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), mainly Kikuyus and Kisiis, were never allowed to return to the homes they were uprooted from. This foolery worked, the two were elected and used their offices to beat the charges at the ICC. The ICC threat passed. Ruto was saved from potentially a lifetime in prison. He has had unprecedented access to power and amassed unimaginable unexplained wealth in a very short span of time courtesy of the arrangement with Kenyatta. Now that his perils are behind him, he has turned against the very hand that fed him, nurtured him and saved him from the guillotine. In the parable of “the old woman and the snake”, the tender hearted woman rescued a poor half-frozen snake from near death in the winter cold. She took it to her warm home and fed it milk and honey. But instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious deadly bite. “I saved you,” cried the woman. “And you have bitten me, but why? You know your bite is poisonous, and now I am going to die.” “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin. “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.” Kenyatta knew damn well or should have known who Ruto was when he enlisted him as a running mate.

Fast-forward to 2020 and it appears our predictions are confirmed. Kenyatta is at odds with Ruto and seems completely unable to tame his ravenous quest to become President himself. His premature campaigns have raised the country’s political tempo and set tensions high, potential investors are increasingly becoming skittish about Kenya’s stability and are holding back investments on account of Ruto’s heightened confrontational and violence laced politics. President Kenyatta’s feedback from his recent visit to France amplified the fears and economic risks Ruto’s politics pose to the country and yet Ruto insists he is owed the presidency and by all accounts has assumed and passed himself as an automatic heir to succeed Kenyatta.

As events unfold, however, he has realized that such ascendancy is not so automatic after all and he’s increasingly petulant, lashing out and throwing tantrums, he has rebelled against the president and the state with bad consequences. He has unleashed unprecedented lone ranger premature campaigns for president years ahead of schedule and broken every imaginable convention and rules of civility. He has done so in direct defiance of President Kenyatta’s repeated orders and admonishments against premature campaigns and in the process unnecessarily put the nation on a warpath with itself.

PUBLIC LAW & ORDER COMPROMISED – “Hustlers vs. Dynasties”

The welfare of millions of Kenyans is as stake. Ruto has intentionally set the country on a warpath with itself to advance his political ambition. It compromises law and order. The “Hustlers vs. Dynasties” crusade coined, launched and advanced by Ruto is a dangerous class warfare eerily reminiscent to the precursor to the 2007/2008 Post-Election genocidal ethnic cleansing that he orchestrated. It pits the public against the government and poses an existential threat to the nation. The national security risks of this budding movement cannot be ignored. The choice is binary – the welfare of Millions of Kenyans or Ruto’s political ambition. The government thus far has been sitting on its laurels but seems to be finally coming to terms to this threat and has acted to address them. The government’s action of banning Ruto’s meetings must not be a Band-Aid approach but permanent. Ruto’s rebellion against the President and the state is playing games with the public psyche and exploiting vulnerable unemployed youth and potential voters to create chaos; there is evidence of a groundswell of outrage against the so-called dynasties. His are dog whistles no different than the ethnic incitement he masterminded against Kikuyus that led to PEV in 2007/2008. Get a handle of this now, it must end NOW!



I don’t hold brief for President Kenyatta but to Ruto supporters and others swayed by their propaganda against Kenyatta, let me start by reiterating that Kenyatta has NO apologies to Ruto or anyone else for that matter. Truth be told, Ruto rebelled against the president and the government he served. He earnestly embarked on succession campaign soon after Jubilee’s second term commenced and sought to turn Kenyatta into his campaign manager. He openly defied Kenyatta’s counsel to deliver on the pledges the duo made to Kenyans first. He’s a career campaigner and failed to heed to the call to serve the people. So, those of you lampooning Kenyatta for asserting himself as president, you are barking at the wrong tree, Kenyatta is perfectly within his bounds to safeguard and preserve the republic, with or without Ruto –preferably the latter.


It is no secret that Ruto is an avowed antagonist, he inflames and gaslights civil strife for personal gain. His reputation precedes him. Thanks to the 2010 constitutional change that guaranteed him security of tenure and practically inoculated him from being held accountable for his actions as Deputy President, he is emboldened beyond reproach. Talk of unintended consequences and leaping before looking because had the pencil pushers who crammed down the constitution thought a little bit longer of the consequences of their proposals, we would avoided the Ruto fiasco. Raila Odinga needs to own up to his role in this mess. The BBI being pushed by both President Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga fails to address this but that is for another day. In this instance, if Ruto is left to his own devices civil strife and armed conflict is inevitable; it is quintessential Ruto, an avowed anarchist and purveyor of violence, a predisposed genocidal maniac who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He has deployed scorched earth movement that seeks to destroy and dominate anyone and anything that challenges him has already resulted in waves of violence and deaths which are only escalating; he must NOT be allowed to take down the country down with him. Truth be told if roles were reversed and Kenyatta were Ruto’s deputy, I bet a dollar to a donut that he (Ruto) would not tolerate a fraction of what he’s now doing to Kenyatta, never. So to Kenyatta I say, you have to break the egg to make an omelet, take your gloves off and preserve the republic.


Woman assaulted in Ruto’s campaign rally in Muranga. Two people were killed in the violence.

Public safety is the preeminent duty and function of government and right now on President Uhuru Kenyatta watch, it is under severe threat. The risk of doing nothing far outweighs the potential fallout of doing something NOW. Ruto and his surrogates are purveyors of anarchy and conflict. He has continuously crisscrossed the country perpetually campaigning and in the process he has become a destabilizing figure that poses an existential threat to the republic with his Dynasty vs. Hustler class warfare mantras. He and his entitled rambunctious school yard bullies have become increasingly confrontational and violent.  Multiple incidents of violence and deaths directly attributable to Deputy President William Ruto’s political activities. These incidents are increasing in number and becoming more dangerous as Ruto’s campaigns ratchet up, they have practically caused paralysis in governance and unnecessarily increased public tensions in the middle of the devastating global COVID-19 pandemic. Investors and Kenyans in general are rightly apprehensive that Ruto will drag the country down to the abys, his reputation as Ruto a diabolical genocidal maniac is well founded after the 2007/2008 Post Election Violence (PEV). This cannot be allowed to continue, Kenyans already have more than enough to worry about as it is. We cannot be saddled with Ruto’s perilous campaign that threatens to tear the country apart and President Kenyatta MUST act now an account of national security.

Ruto seems to believe rightly so, that the all but assured presidency he was promised and is entitled to is slipping away and he is desperate to stake his claim to it no matter the cost. He has nothing to lose and is lashing out as he believes Kenyatta has betrayed him. He may not have anything to lose but Kenyans do. And for these reasons time is ripe for Kenyatta to act, urgently and NOW. The nation’s interests by far supersede and outweigh Ruto’s personal political ambitions. Perhaps the president is shy or hesitant for a myriad of reasons but this is a binary choice, either the peace and security of Millions of Kenyans or the political ambitions of one William Samoei Ruto; it’s a no brainer. Dealing with Ruto now mitigates a larger conflict down the road, you cannot let this spiral out of control when you have all the instruments of power at your disposal and the law on your side. Ruto has nothing to lose, you on the other hand and Kenyans at large do. And to Kenyatta I say the following:

Mr. President, there is no point crying over spilled milk, what’s done is done. It is easy for those of us who saw this coming to say “we told you so” or claim vindication but we are past that at this point. We at the remedial stage and we want you to take action to mitigate further damage to the nation, you have it within your power to leave behind a peaceful country as your legacy and not in the hands of a warlord. Kenyans will be indebted to you and indeed the world will respect you if you handled the risks Ruto poses to the nation now rather than later. As your term winds down so does your influence and effectiveness in dealing with these threats. Mr. President do not be afraid to take action against Ruto. Ruto is your problem, your baggage and your responsibility to unwind, not Kenyans. There is precedent on how to properly and safely do so and preserve the republic.

Moi-Njonjo Disentanglement

You certainly will not be the first as our history is full of has many similar precedents One time powerful Attorney General Charles Josiah Mugane Njonjo a.k.a “The Duke of Kabeteshire” was credited for protecting and ensuring President Daniel Arap Moi’s ascendency to power after our founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta passed on in August 1978. Prior to his passing, in 1976, the so-called Kiambu Mafia led a spirited “change the constitution” campaigned aimed at preventing Moi from succeeding Kenyatta. Attorney General Njonjo stood steadfast and drafted and enacted a law that made it treason to even imagine the death of President Kenyatta and with that Njonjo effectively and permanently stopped the “Stop Moi Movement”. Of course Moi went on to become president when Kenyatta passed away in 1978. For all intents and purposes Moi owed his ascendancy to the presidency to Njonjo. Moi was grateful to Njonjo and often rode with Njonjo on the same presidential limousine, a rare privilege that symbolized the deep affection Moi had for Njonjo. Fast forward to the early 80’s President Daniel Arap Moi was beloved in Kenya and revered in Africa. He was elected to an unprecedented two terms as Chairman of the defunct Organization of African Union (OAU).  Unbeknownst to Kenyans and the world, there were multiple clandestine plots to overthrow him from power by various factions at home. These plots ultimately culminated in the August 1, 1982 attempted military coup against Moi. The coup attempt was crushed and investigations launched, what followed were stunning revelations to Kenyans and the world as to the magnitude and extent of the plots that included Moi’s own revered and trusted Constitutional Affairs Minister Charles Njonjo as one of the plotters and masterminds of yet another undisclosed coup. A report by the judicial commission of inquiry into Njonjo”s activities revealed a plethora of sophisticated actions by Njonjo to overthrow  President Moi including arms purchases, ammunition, collusion and much more. In short that was TREASON. In the end, Njonjo was exposed as a traitor and was eligible for the hangman’s noose or life in prison but Moi spared his life and publicly forgave him. Njonjo was forced to retire from public service and Kenyans have not heard a whimper or beep from him in almost four decades now. The country has been better off for it. Kenya has a modern day Njonjo only with a worse record. Mr. President, do yourself and Kenyans a favor, launch investigations into William Ruto and expose to Kenyans who he really is. Show Kenyans why there’s a fallout between you two so he doesn’t turn his well-deserved isolation and treatment into martyrdom to win Kenyans’ sympathy.  There is ample material to work with not the least of which is corruption of which you promised Kenyans an audit that you have either refused or failed to launch or both. Kenyans are entitled to and want to know the source of the enormous wealth Ruto splashes around as desperately campaigns to replace you. There is plenty of material to work with on that front not the least are the following:


Mr. President, it is no secret that Ruto has amassed enormous wealth on account of his position as the country’s deputy president from sources unknown. There are NO discernible or traceable business activities Ruto has engaged in to justify the billions of worth in cash and assets including cash, land, real estate holdings, helicopters, vehicles, etc. that he “owns”. Wealth that he now deploys to destabilize the country in his perpetual premature campaigns for president and in the process distracting you from fulfilling your pledges to Kenyans. So gluttonous is he that two years ago you were compelled to publicly call for an audit to his unexplained wealth. You have not followed through with this pledge to Kenyans, you appear timid and afraid to carry out this perfectly legal task and yet other state agencies, EACC and DCI are busy hounding and chasing after chump-change suspects. Mr. President, Ruto is your responsibility, he’s your problem, your baggage and only you can undo him. You owe it to Kenyans to conduct the audit you promised Kenyans. Ruto should be kept busy in the penal and civil code system, and far away from the campaign trail. However, your failure to act not only emboldens him but also makes you complicit in his conduct, it means you condone it and unfortunately that will be part of your legacy. So, be bold and act now while you still have the power and time.


Penal and civil code system – There is plenty of material to keep Ruto in the penal and civil code system and away from the campaign trail.

Bank Accounts and Financial holdings – Freeze Ruto’s and his accomplices’ bank accounts until their legitimate sources can be ascertained and if their legitimacy cannot seize the cash and forfeit to the state. He deploys this wealth to campaign and effectively launders it. Did he declare the wealth as income for tax purposes?

Audit Ruto’s tax records – You promised Kenyans a “lifestyle audit”, do it. Audit Ruto’s tax records and financial disclosures reconcile them to his wealth holdings, his donations at campaign rallies must be reconciled to his KNOWN source of income. If he cannot account for the money and other asset holdings and it determined that he failed to report the income to the Taxman he should be charged with Tax Evasion.

Seize and restore to the state unlawfully acquired property in Ruto’s, his proxies and family’s names. The Ruaka sewer land repossessed by the state is a good template. Other properties and land bought with unexplained sources MUST be deemed proceeds of crime and promptly seized. This includes buildings, machinery and equipment, helicopters, planes, vehicles, boats and similar vessels, etc. This opulence that he splashes around are the destabilizing tools and means he uses to antagonize the public against the government.




Separate Politics from Church – The practice of using churches and mosques as political megaphones and money laundering dens has gone far beyond tolerable limits, it is pervasively deceptive and perilous to national order.  It must STOP! Crack down on them. De-register them as necessary so they can focus on politics full time, audit their finances and any money sourced from Ruto should be deemed as proceeds of ill-gotten wealth, seized and forfeited to the State. Churches MUST NOT be, wittingly or unwittingly, be conduits of corruption and/or destabilization of the state, NO!

BAN the use of State resources as campaign tools

Ruto must campaign on his own TIME and DIME, not at taxpayers’ expense. As a protégé of President Daniel Arap Moi Ruto knows the influence and immense political value inherent in the prestige and optics of power and he has abusively exploited it. Official government residences at Karen and elsewhere assigned to him are still government property and must not be used for purposes other than what they are meant for, certainly not as political staging platforms and yet he has used and continues to use state resources including official government residences to stage his premature campaigns as enticement to advance his ambition. He invites and hosts delegation after delegation of each comprising of hundreds and hundreds of people from around the country. This misuse of state resources is an arsenal he is NOT entitled to and must be curtailed, immediately.