Kenya News
  • Nairobi sets up teams to audit childbirth deaths
    A new system to audit deaths of new mothers and ... read more
  • State orders Kilifi squatters to leave salt firms
    Squatters on land belonging to salt firms in Magarini have ... read more
  • EACC CEO denies taking Sh360m bribe
    The EACC boss says the allegations are not backed by ... read more
  • Residents protest over poor area roads
    Residents protesting over a damaged road blocked contractors from excavating ... read more
  • Top Somalia official with Kenyan ID card probed
    Fahad Yasin, who was appointed Deputy Director of the country's ... read more
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Diaspora News
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Business News
  • Dow off to best start since 2003
    The stock market is off to a sizzling-hot start to ... read more
  • Overconfident? Wall Street worried by the lack of worry
    The stock market is sizzling. Companies are touting the bonuses ... read more
  • CEO of ‘Fire and Fury’ publisher responds to Trump legal threat
    The CEO of the parent company for the publisher of ... read more
  • When you’re a teenage worker and you’re sexually harassed
    Women have shared #MeToo stories about their good jobs, their ... read more
  • Samantha Barry named Glamour editor-in-chief
    Glamour has hired Samantha Barry as its new editor-in-chief, it ... read more
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