Kenya News
  • Mutyambai withdraws police escorts from MCSK operations
    Inspector General of police Hilary Mutyambai has ordered the withdrawal ... read more
  • A police officer slid and fell to death while on ... read more
  • School dormitory razed on opening day
    Property estimated to be worth Sh500, 000 was destroyed during ... read more
  • Over 1,000 graft cases could fail, with ruling on searches
    DPP and EACC, in separate appeals filed at the Supreme ... read more
  • Cabinet secretaries ordered to implement BBI agenda
    Inclusion of handshake drive in performance contracts signals its formal ... read more
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Diaspora News
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Business News
  • Not dead yet: Target shows there’s still a heartbeat in retail
    It may be time to remove a nail from the ... read more
  • Is this the death of the workplace relationship?
    Pam and Jim. Sam and Diane. Barack and Michelle. ... read more
  • Huawei fails to clinch smartphone deal with AT&T
    Huawei's hopes that AT&T would sell its smartphones in the ... read more
  • Zuma spacecraft launched by SpaceX is lost after failing to reach orbit
    A secret spacecraft launched by a SpaceX rocket on Sunday ... read more
  • Smoking iPhone battery forces Apple store evacuation
    A burning and smoking iPhone battery forced the evacuation of ... read more
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