Kenya News
  • Police gun down two suspected thugs in Athi River
    Another suspect managed to escape on foot as the officers ... read more
  • Explainer: What we know about the Mau Forest crisis
    A source knowledgeable in matters Mau tells Standard Digital that ... read more
  • Mombasa County gets it’s first five star hotel
    Pomp and celebrations yesterday marked the official unveilling of Mombasa ... read more
  • KWS criticised after death of an elephant
    Kenya Wildlife Service has come under sharp criticism following the ... read more
  • Mau Evictions: MP Johanna Ngeno, two MCAs arrested
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Diaspora News
  • East Africa: Disputes Push Countries Into Bilateral Deals to Ensure Seamless Flow of Trade
    [East African] The milk imports row between Kenya and Uganda ... read more
  • Sudan: Sudan and Rebels Agree Plan to End Darfur Conflict
    [Deutsche Welle] The government and rebel groups agreed to discuss ... read more
  • Egypt: Bus Crashes Kill Dozens of Passengers, Including Tourists
    [Deutsche Welle] Two road accidents in Egypt killed several textile ... read more
  • Africa: Africa’s Fake News of the Year
    [Deutsche Welle] A man raised from dead, an imposter as ... read more
  • Nigeria: How to Save Nigerians From Drug Abuse
    [This Day] According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the ... read more
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Business News
  • Europe’s economy is firing on all cylinders
    Europe is charging ahead. ... read more
  • New estate tax law gives an enormous gift to rich families
    It's always good to inherit money, whatever the tax consequences. ... read more
  • Venezuela is inching closer to collapse
    Venezuela has more oil than any other nation in the ... read more
  • Exxon claims California climate change hypocrisy
    ExxonMobil is trying to turn the tables on its climate ... read more
  • John Dickerson will replace Charlie Rose on “CBS This Morning”
    Read full story for latest details. ... read more
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