Kenya News
  • Macadamia nut price hits Sh170
    Some have already sold their produce at Sh50 per kilogramme ... read more
  • MCAs plot to quit caucus
    The county assembly has started the process of withdrawing from ... read more
  • Desperate family of shooting victim turns bedroom into ICU
    Unable to afford staggering hospital bills, parents of comatose former ... read more
  • Moroccan importer wants DPP, DCI jailed over disputed Mombasa fertiliser
    The firm is accusing the two agencies of going against ... read more
  • New investor to take over Dominion farms
    County assembly passes motion allowing company to set up on ... read more
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Diaspora News
  • Rwanda: Entrepreneurs Borrow Leaf From Rwanda to Make Kinshasa Clean
    [New Times] Representatives of more than 100 firms and cooperatives ... read more
  • Africa: As Jamaica Looks to Cash in On Cannabis, Rastafarians Fear Being Left Out
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Kingston, Jamaica -The government said it wants ... read more
  • Kenya: ‘Handshake’ Widens Jubilee Rift As Uhuru Reprimands Ruto
    [Nation] On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to take his ... read more
  • South Africa: ‘This Is Our Story’ – Photographs Reimagine S. African Inequality
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Johannesburg -High rates of unemployment and stark ... read more
  • Kenya: Mwathethe Steps Off the Helm of Armed Forces Without Clear-Cut Legacy
    [Nation] Outgoing Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Samson Mwathethe ... read more
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Business News
  • Engineers sue Google for allegedly discriminating against white men and conservatives
    James Damore, the Google senior software engineer fired over his ... read more
  • Federal regulator rejects Trump coal rescue plan
    Federal regulators have rejected a controversial Trump administration proposal that ... read more
  • Trump clamps down on El Salvador’s ‘lifeline’
    Millions of people in El Salvador depend on money sent ... read more
  • Oprah’s Golden Globes speech sends Weight Watchers stock soaring
    Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes speech gave Weight Watchers investors something ... read more
  • Facebook to shut down M, its personal assistant
    Facebook's virtual assistant is about to be put out to ... read more
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