Kenya News
  • Raila talks of his legacy in meeting with Kirubi-Photos
    Opposition leader Raila odinga paid a courtesy visit to business ... read more
  • NYS suspects appear in court
    Over twenty suspects arrested on Monday over the Sh9 billion ... read more
  • 13 foreigners arrested in government crackdown
    2,000 foreigners issued with work permits as 13 are arrested ... read more
  • Students rescued after boat capsizes in Budalang’i
    Nine students from Makunda Secondary escaped death narrowly on Monday ... read more
  • Shock as man is killed over Sh100 debt
    The residents of Randani Village in Kisii County have been ... read more
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Diaspora News
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Business News
  • Testing a self-driving car on the Las Vegas strip
    Self-driving cars are cruising the Las Vegas streets this week, ... read more
  • Engineers sue Google for allegedly discriminating against white men and conservatives
    James Damore, the Google senior software engineer fired over his ... read more
  • Federal regulator rejects Trump coal rescue plan
    Federal regulators have rejected a controversial Trump administration proposal that ... read more
  • Trump clamps down on El Salvador’s ‘lifeline’
    Millions of people in El Salvador depend on money sent ... read more
  • Oprah’s Golden Globes speech sends Weight Watchers stock soaring
    Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes speech gave Weight Watchers investors something ... read more
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