Africa: Ethiopia, Zimbabwe Enhancing Trade, Economic Cooperation

– Ethiopia and Zimbabwe striving to elevate their ties through enhancing trade, investment and fostering overall development, Ethiopian Embassy in Harare said.

Ethiopian Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Zimbabwe, Rashid Mohammed told The Ethiopian Herald that both nations have stood together in times of challenge, supporting each other’s endeavors for peace, stability, and development.

Ambassador Rashid, who is also non-resident ambassador to the Republic of Zambia and the Republic of Mauritius, has reaffirmed commitment to strengthening bilateral ties, fostering economic cooperation, and promoting cultural exchange between the two nations.

He stated that both countries supported each other in many fields such as aviation, air force, education and assistance each other in technical support, capacity-building programs, and humanitarian aid in times of need.

Both are highly elevating thier long diplomatic relationship working collaborately in the areas of trade, economic cooperation and continued to maintain cordial diplomatic ties based on shared interests and mutual respect.

“The diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe is generally positive and characterized by mutual respect and both maintained diplomatic missions in each other’s capitals and engaged in bilateral dialogue on various issues of common interest.”

Besides, the two are promoting educational exchanges including academic collaborations, cultural events, and exchanges of students and scholars, engaging in political dialogue on regional and international issues of mutual concern, such as peace and security in Africa, sustainable development, and cooperation within multilateral forums, Rashid noted.