Kenya News
  • Embu Ward reps elect new deputy speaker
    The Gaturi North member of the county assembly, Paul Muchangi, ... read more
  • Matiba the brewer and myth about his wealth
    For many years, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), the local subsidiary ... read more
  • Traffic officer on trial arrested in EACC sting operation in Nairobi
    A police officer on trial for corruption was Monday arrested ... read more
  • Not again! Traffic cop busted twice taking bribe
    An officer on trial for corruption was Monday arrested by ... read more
  • Two suspects arrested with bhang worth Sh5 million in Kisii
    Police in Kisii County Monday morning arrested two suspects with ... read more
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Diaspora News
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Business News
  • Pulitzer Prizes: Will #MeToo and Trump exclusives triumph?
    The New York Times and The New Yorker jump-started the ... read more
  • Clash of the Titans: Adidas and Nike continue to battle it out
    Nike is not used to playing catchup, but Adidas is ... read more
  • Every top New York Times best-seller this year has been about Trump
    Since January, each book at the top of The New ... read more
  • PACIFIC for April 16: SoftBank goes hard
    What's New: The Top 100 Venture Capitalists per CB Insights: ... read more
  • Stop the market! I want to get off! Volatility is back
    The stock market was like a kiddie park amusement ride ... read more
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