Kenya News
  • Elites holding voters captive, says Besigye
    Uganda opposition says masses are in a state of powerlessness. ... read more
  • Kogelo welcomes Obama
    Former US president talks about his search for his roots ... read more
  • CS Keter names new Kenya Power acting CEO
    CS Charles Keter has appointed a new Kenya Power acting ... read more
  • Raila Odinga leaves for South Africa
    South Africa celebrates the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth ... read more
  • Ex-High Court Judge Etyang dies
    Etyang served as a legal advisor to Governor Sospeter Ojaamong. ... read more
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Diaspora News
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Business News
  • MoviePass stock is 19 cents but the boss says everything is fine
    MoviePass' boss has a few words for his doubters: Don't ... read more
  • Is the binge over for Netflix stock?
    Forget "Orange is the New Black." Some Wall Street analysts ... read more
  • Apple MacBook Pro line gets a refresh
    Apple is updating its flagship MacBook Pro line of laptops ... read more
  • sold to Bleacher Report co-founder Bryan Goldberg in bankruptcy auction
    The last vestiges of, the now-dormant gossip website that ... read more
  • Why investors should worry about plunging copper and soybean prices
    Wall Street might not be freaking out about the trade ... read more
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